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We’re coming down to the end of the semester! The FacTS Center has some videos helpful to faculty who are wrapping up their spring courses, and thinking about preparing for summer or fall courses. Take a look at this quick video and the tips below:

– Do you want students to see their calculated grade when they log into the gradebook? (see the D2L Users Group tutorial for turning on grade calculation for students)
– Export your gradebook to print and archive in your personal records. (see the D2L Users Group tutorial on exporting grade data or rosters)
– Archive your entire course in D2L format at the end of the term (see the D2L Users Group tutorial on archiving a course)
– Copy your course content from a previous semester to a Summer or Fall course section (see the D2L Users Group tutorials on copying course content between sections.)

Remember, the FacTS Center will be running workshops for Faculty and Staff throughout the summer. These workshops are a great chance to acquire information and learn technology skills!

Submitted by: Mark Gallimore, academic technology specialist