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VHS Tape Conversion & DVD Creation
The Media Center can convert video files and VHS tapes (that you own the rights for) to DVDs, making it easier for you to use your content anywhere on campus. Tapes can be converted whole, or clips can be compiled with access to multiple items on one disc.

For creating multiple copies of original content, the Media Center has an Epson Disc producer PP-100 capable of burning up to 100 DVDs at a time. This also allows custom titles and graphics to be printed directly on the surface of inkjet printable DVDs.

To  have your videos converted, contact the Media Center at ext. 2590, or bring them to Lyons Hall 414. While there are charges for printing or for the Media Center to provide DVDs, there are no costs if blank DVD-R discs are provided for each conversion.

Classroom Tip of the Month
Do you still play an occasional VHS tape in one of your classes but are unsure if your newly-assigned classroom has an installed VCR? Check out the Media Center’s VHS VCR Support Policy page. This page provides an up-to-date listing of newer & upgraded classrooms that lack a built-in VCR and our department’s rationale for no longer including these units in new rooms.

If you are unable to convert your content in time and need to play a VHS tape back in one of these classrooms, please contact the Media Center at ext. 2590 to make arrangements for use of a portable VCR.

Submitted by:  Bob Grabowski, instructional support specialist, Media Center