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To support the revised travel policy’s requirement that all travel be authorized in advance, a new travel authorization system has been launched to make this process as easy as possible. You can access the travel authorization request by clicking All Applications and Services on myCanisius, then clicking the Travel icon.  The request can also be reached through the “My Communities” menu on myCanisius.  Click “More Communities” and then the “Travel Resources” button that appears under it.  Travel Authorization will be clickable on the Travel Resources page.

To view the attached sample form, click here.

A travel authorization can be filled out by a traveler or by someone else on the traveler’s behalf.   It asks for travel destination, dates, the names or number of other travelers, the purpose of travel and any exceptional situations that the approvers should be aware of.   It also calls for an estimate of college-paid travel expenses and the proposed source of funds.   If multiple trips are being scheduled in advance, the approval can accommodate this by accepting an upload of a document detailing all the trips at once.

When a travel authorization request is submitted, the next person who needs to approve it will be notified by email that a travel request is waiting.  When the final approval is made, the lead traveler and the person filing the request, if different, will get an email to say it is approved.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Human Resources at Ext. 2240.

Submitted by Deb Winslow-Schaber, director, Human Resources