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“King Kong & Anthropology: An 80th Anniversary Celebration of the Classic Film” will be presented by Dr. H. James Birx, Professor of Anthropology, at the next Arts & Sciences Colloquium on Thursday, October 31 at 3:30 p.m. in the Student Center Regis South.

Beyond its obvious “beauty-and-the-beast” theme, the classic film “King Kong” (1933) is rich in contrasts, stereotypes and symbolism. Freudian psychology and Darwinian evolution pervade this unique movie about a huge gorilla that thrives with dinosaurs in a primeval jungle, but meets his demise while trying to overcome the technology of modern civilization. Now, 80 years after its premiere, one is still impressed with this meticulously-made motion picture masterpiece.

This event welcomes all faculty and staff.

Submitted by: Veronica Serwacki, executive associate to dean, College of Arts and Sciences