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Ideal Web Camera for Classroom/Small Group Use
The Media Center has purchased the Logitech BCC9550 ConferenceCam, a full HD level USB web camera, for sign out at the Andrew Bouwhuis Library. This web camera works with both PCs & Macs. Additionally, it is USB Video Class (UVC) compliant, which ensures plug & play compatibility with the majority of web-conferencing applications including: GoToMeeting, Skype, FaceTime, Web Ex, Microsoft Lync, Adobe Connect and more!

It features:

• Pan, tilt, & zoom capability with remote control
• Good quality sound (built-in speakerphone with echo cancellation)
• Wide angle field of view (78 degrees)
• Plug & Play (no software to install!)
• USB 2.0 Compliant

The Logitech BCC950 ConferenceCam is available now for sign out at the Andrew Bouwhuis Library (a valid Canisius ID is required). Contact the Media Center for any questions or support.

Classroom Tip of the Month
Planning on using a NEW laptop for a presentation in a classroom or conference room? Here’s quick checklist to run through:

1. Check to see what type of port is on your laptop.
• Visit the Laptop Display Adapters page for help with identifying what type of video port is on your laptop and to find out where/how to get an adapter, if needed.

2. Find out what type of cable for connecting a laptop is available in the presentation room before arriving.
• Visit What’s In My Classroom? or contact Bob Grabowski (ext. 3278) for more information.

Submitted by:  Bob Grabowski, instructional support specialist, Media Center