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Neil O’Donnell, academic skills coordinator, COPE/adjunct professor of anthropology recently published a historical fiction novel set in the Western New York region (circa A.D. 1650). The book, based on his archaeological research and historical documents, is titled Calling Wren (A-Argus Publishing, 201).

A son of the Erie Nation, ‘Calling Wren’ called the Niagara Frontier home until his capture at the hands of the Seneca and their Haudenosaunee brethren. In time, after rising from servant to adopted son of the Seneca’s Bear Clan, Calling Wren must make the ultimate decision: join the England-backed Haudenosaunee Confederacy in annihilating the Erie or die standing with the remnants of his Erie kin.

Visit here to purchase the book.

Submitted by:  Neil O’Donnell, academic skills coordinator, COPE/Adjunct, Anthropology