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Visitors from Oviedo, Spain

On Wednesday, December 5th, 20 high school students will be visiting our Canisus campus from Colegio de San Ignacio in Oviedo, Spain. Visitors will shadow students from the departments of Modern Languages and Teacher Education throughout the day and attend a luncheon hosted by Michael Pardales, PhD, dean of the School of Education and Human Services.

Canisius College has a rich partnership with Colegio de San Ignacio; Dr. Julia Wescott has been leading the partnership with this school for five years as part of the study-abroad program in Spain. Canisius students, while studying at the Universidad de Oviedo, volunteer at San Ignacio, a public Jesuit School with 1200 students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through 12. For the last two years, students from the School of Education have benefitted from a focused international education elective that includes three weeks of teaching at San Ignacio. School teachers have also participated in the exchange. Marta Lamboa Alvarez, a primary teacher from San Ignacio, is attending our teacher education classes at Canisius and visiting local schools this month. In turn, Dr. Nicki Calabrese will spend a spring 2013 sabbatical teaching at San Ignacio.

Please join us in welcoming these high school students to our campus!

Submitted by:  Nicki Calabrese, PhD, associate professor, education; coordinator, early childhood education

Christmas Carols and Sacred Songs to Welcome the Holiday Season

Cantio Sacra will perform a selection of favorite Christmas carols and sacred songs in the commons area of Science Hall, on Wednesday, December 5th, beginning at 1:00 pm.

Cantio Sacra, under the direction of Brad Wingert, will fill the halls with song and the joyous spirit of Christmas. Let Cantio Sacra help you reduce your stress and engage the spirit of Christmas. Bring your lunch and join members of the Cantio Sacra as they sing of good tidings, “comfort and joy” for the coming holiday season.

Submitted by:  Veronica Serwacki, executive associate to the dean, College of Arts & Sciences

Ideas for fair and just Christmas presents

Are you looking to purchase presents this holiday season? Campus Ministry encourages you to think about using your purchasing power to support organizations that have just work practices, pay living wages to their employees, support the local economy and are fair trade.

Consider the following ideas to make your holidays more just:

  • KIVA: For as little as $25, you can contribute to a microloan that will help people from around the world start businesses in places where traditional banking systems do not exist. Gift cards are available!
  • Five Points Bakery (426 Rhode Island Street): Indulge in baked goods made with local ingredients or even consider purchasing a “bread share” to receive a baked item once a week.
  • Sweetness 7 (301 Parkside Avenue & 220 Grant Street): A great place for gift certificates! Sweetness 7’s two locations (the closest is across from the zoo’s entrance) provides a variety of coffee and homemade goods. Try sampling the sweet and savory crepes at the Parkside location.
  • El Buen Amigo (114 Elmwood Avenue): For 34 years the Latin American Cultural Association has been helping the people of Latin America and other countries to sustain themselves and their heritage by selling their arts and crafts here in America. These purchases provide a living wage to the crafters.
  • Thin Ice (719 Elmwood Avenue): Support local crafters–everything is made in the USA. Check out jewelry, pottery, glass and fiber creations.
  • West Side Bazaar (25 Grant Street): Support local refugees and immigrants. The Bazaar is a launchpad for aspiring entrepreneurs from all over the world (Peru, Ghana, Burma, India, Rwanda, the Sudan and China). Check out the 22 onsite merchants in their new Grant Street location.
  • Wild Things (224 Lexington Avenue): A collection of various local artisans specializing in custom bridal jewelry, ceramics, prints and fibers.
  • Global Girlfriend: Helps women worldwide by providing an online marketplace for their handmade, fairly traded goods. Your purchases also fund micro-grants for women in Africa to launch small businesses.
  • Ethix Merch: Lots of fair trade, union made apparel and accessories–many of which can be personalized.

Submitted by:  Sarah Signorino, associate campus minister, campus ministry

Are Banks Really Lending to Small Businesses?

Do you or someone you know want to start your own business but feel discouraged trying to figure out how to finance it?

This informational roundtable is what you need to settle those fears and answer all those questions. Nancy LaTulip, vice president at Lake Shore Savings Bank and alumn will be coming to the Women’s Business Center to talk about:

  • How to apply for a loan
  • How Banks are making credit decisions
  • How to choose a bank
  • What the SBA can offer
  • Whether or not the five C’s are still important

“Are Banks Really Lending to Small Businesses? ” will be held on Wednesday, December 12th, 8:30 a.m.—10:00 a.m. at the Women’s Business Center, Demerly Hall, 2365 Main Street. Open for everyone – investment is $25

To register online click here.

Submitted by: Sara Vescio, program director, Women’s Business Center