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Moskal’s “Digital Sculptures for Analog Sounds Displayed at Experimental Music Festival in China

“Digital Sculptures for Analog Sounds,” an interactive installation created by Przemyslaw (PJ) Moskal, PhD, assistant professor of digital media arts, will be on display today at the ChoP Festival in Shenzhen, China. The ChoP Festival, held from November 16-18, is a Sino-Polish experimental music festival subsidized by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

“Digital Sculptures for Analog Sounds” is a collection of interactive virtual sculptures and environments that are inspired by 13 tracks of analog sounds composed by artists from the Warsaw Electronic Music Festival. It attempts to create an interactive audiovisual environment that develops its own rhythm in time and space, regardless of the juxtaposition of linear audio and nonlinear visuals. To create the project, Moskal collaborated with musicians Krzysztof Cybulski and Jarek Grzesica. For more information on “Digital Sculptures for Analog Sounds,” click here.

During the festival, Moskal also will give a lecture at Shenzhen University entitled “The Role of the Camera in Interactive Art.”

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