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Macs, Java Updates, and Banner

Recently Apple has released an update for the OS X Lion and Mountain systems that removes the Java plug-in to avoid viruses and malicious programs that typically exploit that platform. Unfortunately in doing so, this causes issues with any application that uses Java, including the Banner system. It is advised that you do not install this particular update on Lion and Mountain Lion, the two latest versions of the operating system. To do so, when updates are offered, check the details and remove the Java update.

If you then close your browser window and restart it you may get a message that tells you the a Java plug-in has been disabled with an arrow. Click on the arrow to re-enable the plug-in. This should restore the browser plug-in for Java and allow the use of Banner. Do not click on “More Information” which will redirect you to Oracle and an Apple plug-in. This is causing issues with some of our software. If you did do this, please contact the ITS Help Desk (8340 or and a member of our Mac team will assist you.

Submitted by Joseph F. Rizzo, academic technologist, information technology services