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Saturday, October 20

Join the Canisius Zoological Society for a simulated trip around the globe to view extraordinary wildlife from the arctic tundra to the Australian coral reef.
We depart from Canisius at 8:00 am and will return by 7:00 pm.
Cost: $20 

You can either follow along on a guided tour of the zoo by Dr Michael Noonan, (Chair, Canisius ABEC), or explore the zoo on your own.

Don’t miss out!

It’s easy: We’ve done the planning & we’ll do the driving!
It’s a bargain: $20 includes admission, transportation, and the tour!
(Regular admission price $25, Gas to Toronto $20)

To sign up, email Tiffany Fuzak or call 716-888-2770.

Submitted by Tiffany Fuzak, administrative associate, ABEC