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The Coleman Foundation has awarded Ji-Hee Kim, PhD, associate professor of entrepreneurship, an $18,000 Faculty Entrepreneurship Fellows Program Grant. Kim will use the one-year grant, effective for the 2012-2013 academic year, to expand entrepreneurial educational opportunities for non-business faculty and students.

Three Canisius College faculty members will serve as Coleman Faculty Fellows. Under Kim’s guidance, these fellows will develop courses in their respective subject areas to inspire students to gain self-employment skills and experiences. These faculty members include:

• Debra Burhans, PhD, associate professor of computer science and director of the Bioinformatics Program. Burhans will incorporate an entrepreneurial project in her intelligent systems course. Students will work in teams to write programs that automatically generate tweets based on news articles in campus publications. As part of the project, a recent graduate who runs his own computing business will be invited to speak to the class, and some basic principles of entrepreneurship will be covered in the lecture. A panel of computing professionals will judge the projects.

• Robert J. Grebenok, PhD, professor of biology. Grebenok will teach entrepreneurial skills to his core capstone course and have his students debate the need for entrepreneurial training in the developing world considering the current context of food insecurity and global warming. Grebenok will organize an educational forum in which practicing physicians will discuss the need for entrepreneurial training for current pre-professional students in their future careers. Grebenok will teach entrepreneurial skills to his medicinal botany students and have his students develop intellectual property patents on various topics.

• Jeffrey R. Lindauer, PhD, associate professor and chair of the Department of Kinesiology. Lindauer will integrate entrepreneurial concepts and skills in an introduction to kinesiology course taken by health and wellness, physical education/health, and physical education/sport studies majors. The concepts and skills will help students to discover small business opportunities in the teaching, health and wellness, and exercise fields.

This is the third consecutive year that Kim received a Coleman Faculty Entrepreneurship Fellows Program grant.

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