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If you’ve been to Galleria Mall recently, you surely noticed a strong Canisius presence. As part of our new brand marketing campaign, Canisius targeted Galleria to reach the thousands of teenagers who visit the mall on a regular basis.

The admissions team recently took the new brand materials on the road.  Director of Undergraduate Admissions Mollie Ballaro reported in from the Jesuit Excellence Tour on the West Coast and had this to say –

“Students are flipping for our materials. I had two students yesterday pick up the overview piece, open it up and say, ‘Look at this,’ and the other said, ‘That’s so cool. I’m going to hang this up.’  Another girl asked if we had a graphic design major because she wanted to ‘design cool things like this’ and held up the overview. Those were her actual words!  Our materials also look so much better than any of the materials from the other Jesuit schools.  I’m very, very proud.”

Submitted by Marketing and Communication