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In an effort to spruce up areas on campus where event posters are placed, we have secured five large, double-sided poster stanchions that will hold up to six, 24″x36″ posters. You may have seen one of these in Lyons Hall, which was ordered last spring. The four new stanchions will be placed in the following locations: in Old Main (near the faculty lounge), at the entrance to the Library, the Student Center and the Jefferson entrance of Science Hall. These stanchions will now replace easels used in these areas. In addition, posters will no longer need to be mounted to foam core, which will save on printing costs.

As has been our policy, posters not made by the Creative Services Office require approval by Campus Programming and Leadership Development (CPLD) and should be taken to that office (SC-LL) for approval. A work study student will then distribute and place the posters in the various stanchion locations. If your office receives a request to post an event sign, please direct them to CPLD.  Event posters created by Creative Services will be posted by a student worker from that office.

We recognize that there may be a need for additional stanchions, and we will take this into consideration as funds become available to order more of them. We expect that this will clean up the clutter of easels around campus, and create a more streamlined and visually appealing way of promoting our various on-campus events. If you have easels in your area, please contact Mike Odojewski in Events Management, so he can collect them.

Submitted by Andalyn Courtney, director, creative services