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Faculty and staff who employ students from the Canisius Earning Excellence Program (CEEP) are asked to remind their students to complete the online application for May 2012-2013 employment. Renewal of the CEEP award is not automatic.

All currently registered undergraduate students will receive a message tomorrow (February 3) on myCanisius inviting them to apply for CEEP funding. Students can access the online application on myCanisius by clicking on the CEEP icon located on the left hand side toolbar. A 3.25 or higher GPA is required to apply. Students in all majors may apply to work in academic departments, administrative offices or off campus. The online application will be available from February 3 – March 20. For more information, visit the CEEP program website or contact the Office of Academic Affairs at Ext. 2121.

Submitted by:  Kathy Lynn Peter, executive associate, academic affairs