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The Student Accounts Office is pleased to announce that starting June 1, all student bills will be produced electronically (e-bill).  Students and authorized users will now be able to view their student bill as a PDF in the On-line Student Accounts Center.  E-bills display the same information as paper statements including charges for tuition, fees, room and board, as well as payments, financial aid credits, and pending financial aid.  The elimination of paper bills will enable Canisius to reduce the use of paper, toner and postage.

How the E-bills work?

  • Canisius will send an email to students and authorized users indicating the e-bill is ready to be viewed.  E-bills will be available for immediate viewing in our secure online environment.
  • Students can authorize parents or other individuals to access their student account records.  Once authorized, users will receive an email with login credentials which can be used to access the student’s online information and the e-bill.
  • Authorized users will be able to print or save the e-bill, pay with check or make online ACH payments from within the On-line Student Accounts Center.

Submitted by:  Kevin Smith, bursar, controller’s office