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Ignatian Scholarship Day will take place on Friday, April 15.  With approximately 500 students participating in the day in some way, it promises to be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of many of our best and brightest students and their faculty mentors.

To view the entire program for the day, click here (Adobe Acrobat PDF).

Other information about the day is also available here.

All members of the Canisius community are invited to watch, listen and view the many events that students have been preparing so diligently.  Faculty are reminded that they are to be present to introduce their student mentees at their scheduled times.

Volunteers are still needed to assist with introducing presentations, serving as timekeepers, etc.  To help, please contact Kathleen DeLaney at Ext. 2916 or Kathy Peter at Ext. 2121.  Please contact Rose Marie Castner at Ext. 2123 with any questions about the event.

Submitted by:  Rose Marie Castner, special events coordinator, academic affairs