Sharing the Garden’s Success

The garden is thriving and we have more veggies than we can believe! Last night Veronica and Nancy picked veggies to distribute, and then we set them out for Canisius folks to scoop up for free.

Look at these beautiful vegetables. They were all gone by the next morning! Thanks, Griffs, for helping these veggies get to some kitchens and homes to make use of them!

Pollinators At Work

The pollinators are here! Gardens need bees and other pollinators, as many different kinds as possible. The veggies won’t appear with a little help from creatures like these little guys.

Sharing Out the July Veggies

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Here’s a sample of what we are picking this July! Canisius folks have been gathering on Wednesday afternoons to grab some fresh produce and to swap some recipes.

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Here Comes the Kale

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Sue stopped by the garden and decided to show off some of the kale bounty. We are getting loads of kale this summer!

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