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Dr. Tara Cornelisse

Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation


I am an assistant professor in the Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Conservation undergraduate program at Canisius College. I also teach in the Anthrozoology graduate program. Check out the “Courses” tab to learn more about what I teach.

My research and expertise is in habitat conservation in human-dominated areas. In particular, I examine insect habitat selection and use in the greater Buffalo, NY area with the goal of improved habitat design and restoration for conservation. Currently, I am working on a Monarch butterfly habitat project along a rural-urban gradient in Western New York. I am also interested in the social connections between environmental knowledge and human behaviors towards insect conservation and currently running a project in Buffalo city and suburban elementary schools. Finally, I am interested in the impact recreation has on trail-dwelling insects, particularly tiger beetles, and have extensively studied the impact of recreation on the endangered Ohlone tiger beetle.

In all of my research, I involve Canisius undergraduate students. If you are interested in joining my research team, please email me!


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