Voices of Justice in Buffalo (2013)


Voices of Justice in Buffalo (2013)  incorporates statements about justice from different religious groups compiled from interviews recorded by students in Religious Diversity in Buffalo Capstone, 2011-2013.

(A revised version was released in 2015 with adjusted sound levels)


  • Imam Fajri Ansari, Masjid NuMan
  • Amy Betros, St. Luke’s Mission of Mercy
  • Sister Patricia Brady, SSMN
  • Dorian Dallas
  • Maria Eugenio
  • Steven W. Halady
  • Jeremy Hazelton, The Village Church
  • Joe Heary, Friends of Night People
  • Drew Ludwig, Lafayette Avenue Presbyterian Church
  • Robert Minkoff
  • Minister Dahveed Muhammad, Muhammad’s Mosque 23
  • Surjit Sing
  • Mother Lisa Spangler, St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Sarah Thompson
  • Joe Van Volkenburg, Canisius College Campus Ministry
  • Tom Yorty, Westminster Presbyterian Church
Thanks to:
  • Canisius College Religious Studies and Theology Department
  • Canisius College Video Institute – Dr. Barbara Irwin and Dr. Jamie O’Neil
  • Canisius College, Rev. J. Clayton Murray S.J., Archives and Special Collections, Kathleen M. Delaney, Archivist
  • Buffalo Religious Arts Center
  • Forest Lawn Cemetery, Buffalo, NY
  • Network of Religious Communities of Buffalo and Western New York

Voices of Justice in Buffalo has been screened at the following events:

  • Commitment to Justice in Jesuit Higher Education Conference, Omaha August 2013 (Premiere)
  • North American Interfaith Network, Toronto August 2013
  • Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City October 2015
  • United Church of Christ – NY Conference Meeting June 2016
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