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Episode Details

Date: December 2012

Topic: Doctrine of Discovery

Episode Segment #: 1

Starts at: 0:00

Link:  (can vimeo link to start spot?)  https://vimeo.com/56123613

Student Editor: (student) Spring 2018


Host:, Dr. Stan Bratton
Gues:t Agnes Williams
Guest John Marohn  SP?


During this episode Agnes Williams and John Marohn spoke out about the Doctrine of Discovery and its reputation by several religious groups. A number of supreme court decisions are based on the Doctrine of Discovery and religions have now jumped on that idea saying history is now repeating itself. John Marohn says along with the Doctrine of Discovery bought many different views. Christians today are still trying to make peace with the indigenous people for taking their lands at one point and killing their people for not following their same belief and claiming Christianity as their religion. Agnes and John also speak out about what is happening today how something that happened 30 years ago can still be reflected in today’s society. It is still a constant fight in given a specific population group a “voice” and to be able to speak out about what is going on and how they want to continue in improving their society.


Discussion Questions

What is the difference between population and people? Why is being recognized as people important? do you believe that it was right for christians to kill you and take your land if you yourself was not a christian? Is History repeating itself around the doctrine of discovery?


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Indigenous religions, Doctrine of Discovery, Reconciliation