If you go to a library or a bookstore and find the pet sections, you will see shelves full of books about dog training. A simple web search will show you dog training classes or private lessons close to you…and the list may be quite long! But, where are all the cat training books and the cat trainers?

When talking with dog owners, they beam with pride as they show you the tricks and obedience cues their dog knows. Dog owners and their canine companions work together routinely which deepens their relationship. How often do your cat-loving friends jump at the chance to show you all the cool tricks their cat can show you on cue?

My students in the Animal Learning class know that cats and kittens are very trainable. For the last two years during spring semester, students have applied the knowledge learned in lecture to teach kittens to walk into a crate, jump over a flower pot, run through a tunnel and more. They find that the kittens challenge them as trainers to be discerning, patient and creative. By the end of class the relationships that form between the students (trainer) and the kittens (trainees) are rich and satisfying.

The Trainable Cat

You can only imagine my excitement when I was asked to review a new book entitled, The Trainable Cat: A Practical Guide to Making Life Happier for Your and Your Cat by John Bradshaw and Sarah Ellis. This book is just what the libraries and bookstores need to add to their shelves. John and Sarah are researchers with a passionate calling to elevate the welfare of cats, especially pet cats. This book is the result of their collaboration focusing on bridging the gap between research and real-world application.

If you ever wanted to know both how to train a cat and why it is so important to do so, this book is filled with gems that will help enrich your cat’s life while deepening the relationship you have with your fluffy feline. Pictures in the book give wonderful visual references about how to achieve your training goals. Anecdotes about how the information has been applied in real-life by the authors with their own cats, especially Sarah, will leave you inspired to do so with your own felines.

My endorsement of The Trainable Cat

My endorsement of The Trainable Cat

This book is now available online and at bookstores in your area. You won’t want to wait to get your own copy of this amazing, inspirational, and practical guide to training cats. Give it a try! You’ll probably be surprised by the untapped potential of your own Felix the Cat!