Hi everyone! Can you believe that we’ve nearly made it to the end of the semester? On Wednesday, May 12, I will be giving the final seminar presentation of the semester. I’m sorry that you all have to listen to me give another presentation this semester, but at least this one is shorter! Since this is the last seminar, I will try to keep it upbeat and interesting. The theme of my talk will be “Fun with Fractals”. When people hear the word fractal, they often think of snowflakes. With the cold weather we’ve been having in Western New York, I’m pretty sure snowflakes are the last thing anyone wants to think about right now! As I’m sure you all realize, the mathematical concept of fractals is so much more than snowflakes. Nature is perfectly imperfect. You don’t find too many perfect shapes and lines in nature. Fractals provide us with a way of more accurately representing the patterns and shapes of the natural world around us. Not only that, but both fractals and fractal analysis are used across a very wide variety of fields. After providing some basic information about fractals, fractal properties, and dimensions, I will explore numerous real-world examples of the many fascinating uses of fractals. I hope to see you all there!