Hello everyone. My name is Pema Kaldan, and I am a senior at Canisius College, currently major in Math. I will be giving my MAT 381 presentation on Wednesday, April 7/2021. For my presentation, I will be talking about Math Use In Real Life meaning using some of the math knowledge to do some business, in my case, Business Apps like “Robinhood.” So mostly I will touch on What is Robinhood? Is Robinhood Legal? How Does Robinhood Work? How Does Robinhood Make Money? How to Trade Options on Robinhood? How does Robinhood Taxes Work? And so on. Additionally, I will also show some graphs and charts meaning and examples. Although in general there are lots of things that you could do with your math knowledge and one of them for me is using Business Apps to earn money from home. I hope to see you all there on Wednesday. Thank you.