Here is the order for the second round of short talks (according to my random number generator)

March 27 Jon Moreland
CMJ 38#5: partial fractions, continued

March 27   Natalie Battaglia
MM 81#1: Buffon’s needle and pi

April 10   Brittany Zaccaria
CMJ 38#2: sudoku, continued

April 10 Deanna Bowers
CMJ 38#3: caps and robbers, continued

April 17: Mary Floyd
tuning,  continued?

April 17: Shannon Wood
CMJ 38#2: determinants, continued

April 24: Kristin DeRose
CMJ 39#3: polyominos, , continued

April 24: Emilie Clark
tangrams, continued

May 1: Jaci Luisi
CMJ 38#1: markov chains, continued


Jon Moreland
long talk

Sandra Jezuit
long talk

Corey Callaghan
long talk

Sarah Urban
long talk