Thanks for a nice fall semester of math seminars:

Sept. 5: Christopher Eppolito, on Octave  
Sept. 5: Samantha Youmans, on Tex  
Sept 12: Mary Floyd: on differential equations in Octave  
Sept. 12: Partrick O’Loughlin: on the stats program R
Sept.26 Mary Floyd: Laplace transforms
Oct.3 Emilie Clark: Using simulations in statistics.
Oct.3 Natalie Battaglia: Game theory.
Oct.10 Jaci Luisi: Urn models in probability
Oct.10 Kristin DeRose: Bayes theorem, with examples
Oct.10 Jon Moreland: PageRank.
Oct.17 Sandra Jesuit: Ford-Fulkerson Method of Maximum Flow Diagrams
Oct.17 Shannon Woods: Lagrange’s theorem
Oct.24 Brittany Zaccaria:  Methods of Multiplication (lattice and American)
Oct.24 Jon Moreland: More eigenvalues
Oct.24 Maranda Hartman: Euler’s Method
Oct.31 Natalie Battaglia:  Comparing proofs of the Pythagorean theorem
Oct.31 Emilie Clark: More on using simulations in statistics
Nov.7 Maranda Hartman: on perfect numbers…
Nov.7 Jaci Luisi: on random graphs…
Nov.14 Shannon Wood: confidence intervals
Nov.14 Sandra Jesuit: limit theorems and e
Nov.28: Brittany Zaccaria: infinite cardinalities
Nov.28: Kristin DeRose: experimental design
Dec.5: Patrick O’Loughlin: Monadic Structures Through Haskell
Dec.5: Christopher Eppolito: Graphs and Supremal p-negative Type
Dec.13: Tyler Molina: Use of Sabermetrics in Baseball
Dec.13: Samantha Youmans: The Black-Scholes Option Pricing Model
Dec.13: Mary Sue Tichy: Different Types of Hypothesis Tests