The first two MAT480 presentations were by Christopher Eppolito and by Patrick O’Loughlin, on Wednesday December 5     from 2pm-4pm      in OM 403

Monadic Structures Through Haskell, by Patrick O’Loughlin

Abstract: Haskell is a functional programming language that uses many concepts from category theory in its language design. In this talk, we introduce the basic concepts of category theory as they relate to Haskell, with the key focus on what are called monads. Monads are used in many contexts within Haskell, including handling Input and Output (IO) with the outside world as well as handling errors or exceptions. Monads give an extremely powerful level of abstraction that allow the reuse of code and functions on many seemingly different types of problems.

Graphs and Supremal p-negative Type, by Christopher Eppolito

Outline: Graphs (Examples and Degree Theorem); Graphs as Metric Spaces (Metric Space Theorem, Isometries, and Complete Graph Embedding Condition); p-negative Type (Preliminary Results, Infinite ℘ Theorem, and Main Results).