The “Dual Immersion Program” is sponsored by The Jesuit University Network of The Americas (AUSJAL and the AJCU). The  AUSJAL- AJCU Jesuit Consortium is comprised of 58 Jesuits universities representing fourteen countries in Latin America and the USA. The Dual Immersion Language program began as a partnership between AUSJAL and JesuitNET (a unit of the AJCU dedicated to distance education) in 2009. Over the past six years, the program has continued because of efforts of faculty and administrators in the AUSJAL and AJCU schools. Today, the Dual Immersion program involves a community of  20 universities, more than 17,000 students,  over 150 collaborating faculty, project coordinators and educational technology specialists.  Students from AUSJAL and AJCU schools who participate in the program attend language labs using videoconferencing technology. The language labs are designed to allow students to practice language skills with a native speaking student.   The labs, “Language Exchange” sessions follow three different models: “desktop to desktop” in the classroom; a mix of in class and language lab; and the autonomous model, in which students interact entirely outside of class. Many participating schools also hold virtual cultural events, which are large webinars with a cultural focus to involve multiple communities of people.

We would like to continue this effort and expand the program to include as many students and universities as are interested. We have developed this blog as a space where colleagues from around the world who are involved with the program can interact and share ideas. We welcome your involvement in this conversation. Please feel free to begin a conversation !!!!

View the YouTube video that explains the program:

If you would like to correspond directly with the coordinator of the Dual Immersion Program, please email Carolina Marturet de Paris at