Br. Guy Consolmagno SJ, President of the Vatican Observatory Foundation and senior planetary scientist, has an extensive research record and library of public presentations on astronomy and the relationship between science and religion.

His research explores connections between meteorites, asteroids, and the evolution of small solar system bodies. With collaborators at the Vatican’s 1.8 meter Advanced Technology Telescope in Arizona, he surveys the broad band colors and light curves of Kuiper Belt objects, using these data to develop an understanding of their compositions and internal structures as a function of their orbital parameters. At Castel Gandolfo, he curates the Vatican’s meteorite collection and measures meteorite physical properties, including density, porosity, magnetic susceptibility, thermal conductivity, and heat capacity. His work has resulted in more than 200 scientific publications.

Br. Guy Consolmagno has a decades-long track record of communicating planetary science to the public while maintaining an active science career. In addition, he occupies a unique position within our profession as a credible spokesperson for scientific honesty within the context of religious belief.  As a Jesuit Brother, Guy has become the voice of the juxtaposition of planetary science and astronomy with Christian belief, a rational spokesperson who can convey exceptionally well how religion and science can co-exist for believers.”

Br. Guy is interested in sharing content used in his research and public presentations with teachers in science and religion. Below is a sample of some of his content. We would greatly appreciate your input on how you might use this content in your teaching practice.

Links to Resources by Brother Guy, S.J.


Astronomy and Belief (Why does the Vatican have an observatory?)

Astronomy, God, and the Search for Elegance:

Looking for the Star, or Coming to Adore?

Sunday Worship for Epiphany (transcript of a radio program not currently available for listening)

God and Science, Under the Stars (transcript of interview with CBC radio)

Thinking Faith – Online Journal of the Jesuits in Britain


Asteroids, Stars, and the Love of God (Speaking of Faith with Krista Tippett)

A Brief History of the End of Everything (BBC Radio 4: A five part series (15 minutes each)

The Goldilocks Planets (BBC Radio 4)

The Vatican Observatory (Science and Catholicism with Christopher Graney, WLCR) (1)

The Vatican Observatory (Science and Catholicism with Christopher Graney, WLCR) (2)


TEDx (18 minutes on Science and Religion)

Was the Bible Meant to be taken literally? (four minute exerpt)

Cosmology: Making Sense of the Universe

The New Physics and the Old Metaphysics (The Nash Lecture at Campion College, University of Regina)

Adventures of a Vatican Astronomer

Discarded Worlds: Astronomical Ideas that Were Almost Correct:

My brief appearance on the Colbert Report: (He warned me… “I play the role of a complete fool; your job is to set me straight.”)