Seminar 1:  Pre-Christian Scandinavia

This introductory lecture examines the pre-Christian beliefs, mythology and religious practices of the Norse.

Seminar 2:  Medieval Scandinavian Society

This class surveys the social and legal customs of medieval Scandinavian culture.

Seminar 3:  Gender Roles

Looking deeper into Scandinavian society, this class explores gender roles and looks at the archaeological record for material culture affiliated with men and women.

Seminar 4:  Raiding and Trading

Viking raids and merchant activity were interrelated. We will study primary source accounts and archaeological remains to understand the impact the Vikings had on communities and commercial activity throughout Europe and the Middle East.

Seminar 5:  Settlement

After a period of plunder, the Norse began to create new settlements in foreign lands. This class will particularly explore Viking settlements in England, Ireland, France and Iceland.

Seminar 6:  Exploration and Political Expeditions

Once they settled in new areas, the Norse often assimilated with their neighbors and became deeply involved in local political dynamics, resulting in famous conflicts, such as the Battle of Clontarf and monarchs, including Cnut the Great.