Global Awareness Attribute Courses

CLS 103 Greek History

CLS 104 Roman History

CLS 205 Ancient Greece: Culture & Society

CLS 206 Ancient Rome: Culture & Society

CLS 209 Greek and Roman Archaeology

CLS 211 Archaeology of Pompeii

CLS 212 Borders, Walls, and Immigrants

CLS 219 Animals in the Ancient World

CLS 308 Pagans and Christians

CLS 309 Greek and Roman Religion

FAH 101 Cave Paintings, the Colosseum & Cathedrals

FAH 109 History of Architecture

FAH 210 Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Art

FAH 224 Medieval Art

FAM 216 Medieval and Renaissance Music

HIS 106 The Medieval World

HIS 226 History of Ireland

RST 200 Introduction to the Hebrew Bible

RST 219 History of Eastern Orthodox Christianity