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Hello Everyone! Sorry for the delayed post. Here is an update from our tour at MOOG.

Today was our first day of fun in Bag City (Bagio City). In the morning we met with Doug Dilley, the general manager of MOOG. We had a short presentation bout the MOOG corporation as a whole and what this specific location manufactures. At this site there are 13 different buildings that manufacture and assemble servo valves for airplanes. They make these parts for Boeing and Airbus airplanes. They are currently looking to expand from supplying around 20 parts for an airplane to around 500 parts. After the presentation, some of the group took a tour of the plant and saw how some of the MOOG parts are manufactured and assembled. We were able to see a water jet machine cutting out a part from a steel block.

After the MOOG tour, we went to a park and a small souvenir market. Some of us were able to buy souvenirs and others able to get Henna tattoos. The market was a great experience because it allowed us to see how Filipinos shopped on a daily basis. The market consisted of many small local shops right next to each other that sold many different items. Some of the items included book bags, bracelets, shoes, little wooden souvenirs, fish, and many other things. The park was beautiful. They had a large pond where people could rent out rowboats and swan paddle boats. Children were riding around the park on bikes and pedal cars. Being at the park seeing all the nice flowers and plants was a nice change of pace for our group. Bagio City in general was a nice change of pace in general. Manila was a very hot and congested city with a lot of traffic. Bagio was much cooler and traffic nowhere near as bad as Manila.

MOOG hosted the group for dinner at a very nice Asian restaurant. Everyone enjoyed using the lazy susan in the middle of the table to pass around dishes. The meal was great and it was nice getting to know Mr. Dilley. We were able to talk with him about his experience in the states and how things have changed for him in the Philippines. The mindset and way of life in the Philippines is so much different than in the U.S. MOOG really focuses on trust and faith in their workers here in Bagio. Mr. Dilley was talking about how they do not have any cameras at the campus and people do not use a standard check in time card. Instead it is all based on the honor system and the managers trust that the workers are working to the best of their abilities. This trust helps create a positive environment for the workers.

At the end of the night, we went up to the roof of the hotel and looked at the stars. It was so nice and relaxing to just lie there and stare out into the sky. Shooting stars flew across the sky. Looking over the mountains tonight was view that is indescribable.