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Good morning everyone! Today we left Manila and drove to Baguio City. We left at 10 am and got to Baguio around 3 pm. As we drove out the traffic was not that bad, a clear sign we were headed out of the horrendous traffic of Manila. Baguio City is a mountainous area that has unbelievable views of landscape. One thing that many of us are looking forward to is the milder weather that this area has to offer, since it is at a higher altitude. Looking out the window to see such heavenly images made the 5 hour car ride seem to fly by. The first thing we all did when we arrived was walk around and look at the amazing view the place we are staying has, then we settled in. Even from our rooms we have a great view! The saying that pictures do not do it justice is an understatement. Once we settled in for a while we went to dinner at a pizza place. The venue was interesting because it was outside and there was also a live band playing. We reflected during dinner about the past two days and everything we have seen, from the ginormous congregation that is El Shaddai and the part indigenous Christianity groups on Mount Banahaw. This really helped bring all of these different religious sects into a clearer understanding.

-Kyle Samson