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Today we had our last meal at the Dao Diamond in Bohol before the plane ride to Manila. At breakfast, Dennis Drake told some of us about a sponsorship opportunity for deaf children in Manila. A monthly monetary contribution could send deaf children to the Bohol Deaf Academy and help pay for room and board. Its amazing how involved IDEA is and all the efforts put forth to assist deaf children. The plane ride was about an hour long, the view of Bohol outside the window was beautiful. I didn’t realize how much I would miss being in Bohol, even as I watched us fly over the island and the clear blue water. Our first stop in Manila was to pick up Michael Liberatore, a professor at the Ateneo de Manila, Brian Smith, in charge of study abroad at Canisius, and Julianna Goliebeuski, a finance professor at Canisius. Buildings in Manila, including the Oracle hotel, were very different than in Bohol. The structure and designs were similar to American buildings which makes sense since Manila is a major city in the Philippines. While inside the Oracle I felt like I wasn’t even in a different country, due to the air conditioning, comforters in the beds, tv’s in the rooms, and refrigerators in the rooms. Those accommodations were nice but I found myself missing the simplicity of Bohol and being surrounded by nature. We concluded the night with dinner at San Tiagos with Glen, director of international programs at the Ateneo de Manila. The food was authentic filipino, with chicken, fish, taro leaves, sticky rice, and fried bananas. Katipunan ave where the Oracle and Ateneo are located is full of restaurants and things to do. The traffic is overwhelming, but I’m excited for further exploration of Manila.