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Good morning Buffalo. It’s Jamie here, coming to you here all the way from Manila. Today our group got to start the day off by touring the beautiful campus of the Ateneo de Manila University, where the semester students will be studying for the next five and half months.  After the tour we started our series of lectures by first hearing a lecture about the Filipino people’s culture and values.  Lunch came next and we got to walk to a bakery/ cafe called Mom and Tina’s.  It was enjoyed by all of us as it reminded us of the tastes of home.  Upon returning from lunch we received another lecture, this time a brief history of the Philippines.  Upon the completion of the lecture we all walked back to our hotel and enjoyed a couple minutes of lounging around before dinner.  Dr. Wadkins was anticipating a lot of traffic for our ride to dinner, but he was wrong so we ended up getting to our restaurant about 45 minutes early. To kill time we got to walk around a newly developed strip mall doing a little bit of shopping at the stores.  Dinner was a restaurant called Italianni’s, which was an Italian restaurant across town.  It was here that we a friend of Dr. Wadkins Ray Salvosa.  He told us stories about his life and about life in the Philippines.  We once again ventured out into the traffic of Manila finishing off with a bus trip back to the Oracle Hotel.  This return trip had much more traffic as it seemed to be Manila rush hour at 9:00pm.  I leave you with the Filipino phrase for take care, Ingat Kayo!!

Jamie Tobias