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So we’ve been in Bohol about week now and we spent 9 hours in the beautiful waters of Bohol today. My roommates (Annie, Mary, Sam, and Kayla) and I woke up at 4:20 am to get ready for our event filled day. By 5 am, we were all ready to hang out with Dolphins, snorkel, and island hop. On our way to visit the Dolphins of Boho, we couldn’t help but stop to grab coffee from Donkin Donuts, because Americans obviously run on Donkins.

When we arrived to the beach, I was stunned at the beauty that was infront of me. I was mesmerized by the sway of the glossy water and endless ocean. The aesthetics of the today’s scenery was worldly. The clouds were so fluffy that I wanted to cuddle with them and the ocean was an incredible shade of turquoise.

We took a boat ride to visit our dolphin friends and watched them swim for a little while. After that, we went snorkeling. The rainbow of shades of the coral reef was like stepping into another world. Turtles moseyed on by, vibrant shades of fish bustled around,  and electric blue star fishes soaked up the rays of sun on the reef floor. But far far in the distance, at the edge of the reef, was a magnificent sword fish. We also found Nemo and Dory!

After snorkeling we docked our boats, along with many others, on the Virgin Island in Panglao, which was more like a sand bar than an island. It was breath taking ! I walked to the edge of the strip of sand and looked out to the distance were the ocean kissed the sky and soaked in the moment before I left.
Once we got to shore we looked for our driver and van that seemed to be missing or playing hide and seek. This was ultimately a blessing in disguise because we ate the best pizza for lunch as we waited for our driver to come back.
-Ruweyda Salim