Whew, is it ever crunch time.

In my entry last week, I mentioned that I was waiting to hear back from SUNY Albany. I heard back from them in the middle of last week, and I’ll be driving the 4 hours from Buffalo to the capital tomorrow to interview with them for basically my ideal internship, in NCAA compliance. My state of mind right now can best be described as nervy confidence–the job description sounds right up my alley, the timing is perfect…and of course it’d be the “breaking in” to the industry that I came to Canisius to do, but it’s a big unknown. The quote from Rosalynn Carter perfectly sums up how I’m mentally preparing for the interview. I’ve also been contacting the various people I’ve met in the past few months who I think can help me in taking the next step forward: to catch up with them and remain optimistic that keeping in touch will continues to open doors.

In my Intercollegiate Athletics class last week, my group presented our opinion that male practice players can enhance the female student-athlete experience, and we also heard groups address homophobia in intercollegiate sport and whether or not colleges should institute a salary cap–great debates all around. My Financial Aspects class did not meet last week Tuesday, and I will be out of town for tomorrow night’s class, and have an exam Wednesday night when I get back from Albany. School is winding to a close!

A few friends and I did the Buffalo Bar Crawl on Friday night, which was pretty cool. We explored 15 different venues (each with specials) on Chippewa, Franklin, and the surrounding streets, and it was a fun night. A few places had some nifty club lighting, which made for an interesting scene, and walking away with a free t-shirt was nice too!

Yesterday was the Bowl ‘n Blast event, put on by the MSA’s Special Events class, and I was on a team with some friends from my program. The event raised over $6000 for the Roswell Park Cancer Institute, and was TONS of fun. They turned out the lights and did the “cosmic bowling” thing, and I discovered that my bowling ball glows in the dark, which is pretty sweet. All in all it was a great event for a great cause.

My fingers have been crossed for this entire entry, hopefully everything goes well!