As the semester has concluded and days and nights filled with studying, reseaching, and writing final assignments, I feel a sense of relief as I can relax for a few weeks before starting my second semester here at Canisius College.

However, my stress level is still high as I am still running around finding the perfect gifts for my family members and friends. I love this time of year with the snow and Christmas lights and Holiday music, and I especially love baking. This year I am trying a few new recipes I have been given by some of my coworkers. With these I hope to expand the taste buds of the guests who come to my house for Christmas.

Here is the list of foods I will be attempting to make this Christmas:

queso de bola (Phillipines)

Christmas pudding (England- pudding is made weeks beforehand with dried fruit, spices, brandy and nuts, allowed to age then flambeed with brandy)

churros (Spain- fried dough with cinnamon and sugar)

various seafood dishes (Italy- the Seven Fishes for Christmas Eve)

aebleskiver (Denmark- doughnuts with fillings)

babka (Poland- bread)

tres leches (Mexico- sweet cake)

Also I will just be making a variety of Christmas cookies, pies and other desserts to honor American culture as well.

Besides the gifts and the food, it is important to remember what this holiday season is all about- giving. Whether you are donating time or money to an oragnization or even just holding the door open for someone or even just smiling at a stranger- the little things sometimes can mean the most to someone.

No matter how terrible you think you may have it, someone else is struggling just as much or even more than  you are. Be kind and respectful to others. Enjoy this time of year and what we have left of it! As for the new year, make it count! Set a goal for yourself and accomplish it. My goal is to keep up my grades and graduate with a 4.0- I am already on the right path.

See you all next semester 🙂