The accounting profession is commonly known to carry a negative stereotype.  During my undergraduate studies, I fell victim to many of these.  If you were to ask people what first comes to their mind when they hear accounting, some words that frequently arise include boring, number cruncher, introverted, and dull.  These words portray negligence on the part of those who have not done research and lack sufficient knowledge of what a career in accounting really is.

After spending a few years working in a business environment, I quickly began to realize the importance of accounting and my perception quickly changed.  In an attempt to change some of those stereotypes, here are some reasons that have motivated me to pursue a career in accounting.

Reason #1:  Everyone goes to college and gets an education to make money.  After spending years studying and living on a tight budget, you graduate college anticipating making money fast.  If you studied accounting, you will be in luck.  Most accounting jobs start with an annual salary of at least $40,000, in addition to benefits.  The field of accounting also has a lot of room for advancement, and with advancement comes even higher salaries.

Reason #2:  In a competitive job market, there will always be a need for accountants and this will give you job security.  Accountants are in high demand and as more businesses continue to start and evolve, that just means more jobs and opportunities for accountants.  Every business needs accountants to thrive, so you will never have to worry that your skill set and education will become obsolete.

Reason #3:  If you were to ask an accounting professional what their favorite aspect of their job is, I am willing to bet that the majority of them will say “the people.”  This may come as a surprise, but being a successful accountant requires you work well as a team.  It is a common known fact that those working towards a common goal bond together, so I’m confident to assume you will make some great professional relationships.  Also, many accountants get satisfaction out of their jobs through helping their clients achieve success.  From those I spoken left, many stay with their current firms because they enjoy the clients they work with.

Of course there are many more reasons to become an accountant, but I hope these three can provide a start and inspire you to do some research on your own to determine if accounting might be the right fit for you.

Good luck with finals and enjoy winter break!