There’s no easy way to put this, graduate school is hard. No one really advertised it as being simple but in the grand scheme of things us students wouldn’t mind if it was. You’re learning an abundance of useful material while simultaneously balancing homework, relationships, families, full time jobs, part time jobs, and if you are lucky a social life. With graduate school comes a lot of late night study sessions, a lot of missed events, and a whole lot of prioritization. But don’t panic, the work is so much more enjoyable than undergraduate because you’re able to take what you’ve learned and implement it in your daily life. With the discipline and hard work comes a lot of pressure. Pressure to succeed, to get the grade, and to simply be your best. Through all of this constant need to work and be balanced we have to hold onto our hope. To center myself (and let’s be honest simply stay sane) I have put the following quote in the reminders section of my phone:

“Hope is a central part of our life force. Never surrender your hope. We know life comes in cycles and an upturn can be just around the corner. Hope helps us struggle through the desperate times. It guides us through the dark. While you have options, you have hope” – Proverb

I read this quote every single day at 2:00 pm. Honestly, the point in the day when I’m most exhausted and shifting gears from employee to student. Sometimes at 2:00 I’m rushing to get my homework done, planning out my day, staying late at work, or simply taking a deep breathe. Sometimes I’m on a downturn and, stressed out or simply overwhelmed and other times I’m on top of the world. Regardless, no matter what is going on in my day I’m reminded that while I have options I have hope. And that’s why we’re in graduate school right? To expand our options and greet the doors that have been patiently waiting for us to open them? I’m hopeful every single day and I’m thankful that graduate school was an option. I’m glad that bettering myself was an option; one that I chose every single day.

By: Rachel Bediako