Weeks have felt like hours recently–not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing, but the semester continues to move on here!

It seems like all of my classes and assignments this week have been centered around the topic of whether or not NCAA student-athletes should be paid–it was the topic of spoken debate in my Intercollegiate Athletics class Wednesday, it was a topic I had to write a argumentative paper on for my Philosophy and Ethics course (which was a tough 9 pages as I’ll explain below), and it was one of three questions I got to support in a shorter assignment for my class on Financial Aspects of Sport, so it’s been a topic I’ve gotten to see all sides of.

My paper for Philosophy/Ethics was the most difficult, because I had to do the most research on the issue, but mainly because I had to argue against my personal beliefs on the topic. I’m one of the biggest supporters of the amateurism ideal there is, and I’m completely against paying student-athletes beyond athletic scholarships to attend institutions of higher education. I think there are ways to improve the system without paying student-athletes, but arguing against my core beliefs was one of the most difficult things I’ve had to do for an academic assignment. It was certainly a philosophically refreshing one as it is crunch time for summer internships and jobs beyond this degree.

Outside of the classroom it’s been an exciting week as well–I had a date or three this weekend, and I’ve been a bit more involved (though always in random ways) at my internship at Medaille–I got to take some pictures at a lacrosse game on Wednesday, and I’ve been continuing to develop compliance tip sheets, and also have been involved in the design process of their soon-to-be-updated website–and, of course, helping out the MSA program from behind the scenes has kept me plenty busy.

I’m starting to mull my options in sticking around Buffalo this summer, as well–there’s a lot to this city that gets overlooked, and I think that sticking around here would be more worthwhile than going back to MI, as much as I miss my family and friends back home.

That’s about all from me this week, later tonight I’m having some friends over to watch the NCAA Basketball game…I’m hoping Butler wins it all this year!