…lots of homework? Job opportunities? Be sure to comment if you know the REAL answer.

This past week went by in a blur–a majority of last week for me was spent researching for some papers I’m working on and writing this week, but I think I might have jinxed us last week with my optimism for spring, as it’s been snowing on and off here in Buffalo since yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon I worked during a high wind advisory for a lacrosse game at my internship, which included some strong (25-30 mph?) gusts on a portable media box–the game was at a different venue, which afforded us an interesting challenge, but was a great shared experience for all of us who helped run the game. The Medaille AD made sure to grab us some Tim Horton’s hot chocolate (which was much appreciated!).

I’ve sent out a few resumes & cover letters this week: new job and internship opportunities keep springing up day-by-day and thankfully I’ve had my cover letter and resume critiqued by a bunch of the Canisius community to the point where I can get them sent out promptly as soon as I see them. I’ve figured out my summer plan–I will be sticking around Buffalo and continue to be a graduate assistant for my program–and I’m going to check out a friend’s apartment to sublet over the summer later this week. Most of the jobs start in August, which is really perfect timing. I’m heading home this weekend to grab my bike in preparation!

I went to go see Comedy Sportz, in Amherst, with a girl I’ve been seeing, which I can best describe as “competitive improv”; it was a funny show for a pretty good price: we had a lot of laughs. Saturday night we went to go see the Buffalo Bandits (hinting at the title of the post, be sure to comment!) and had a great time as well. I forced myself to enjoy the weekend after a busy week researching male practice players in the NCAA and the financial side of putting on the Olympic Games, and it was definitely a great way to keep in balance.

This week I’m finishing these projects, applying for jobs/internships/networking, then on Thursday I’m headed back to MI to visit some family and friends. Hopefully I’ll bring back spring (along with some of my outdoor things/toys) with me!