“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.”

Edmund Burke

With the newest revelations out of Rutgers University, Mike Rice has been fired for the abuse of his players. If you lived under a rock for the past couple of days, I will give you the cliff notes version. On April 3, 2013 Mike Rice was fired after a video surfaced of him being physical with players in practice and using homophobic slurs. Mike Rice, settled on a $475,000 contract resolution and will not be coaching at Rutgers anymore.

What makes this case unique is that we have been discussing it every class. From Contract Negations/Risk Management, Intercollegiate, Strategic Marketing, Leadership, and finally Ethics and Morality in Sports, this case is unique and will be used for years. All of these classes have been discussing the issues and difficulties of this particular case. In Strategic Marketing we discussed how, or what, Rutgers has to do in regards to a marketing perspective to bring in revenue dollars. In Contract Negotiations we looked into his contract and how as managers we could minimize our loses or expenses of hiring and firing of a new coach. What makes sports unique is that it is always changing and daily we can discuss these topics and address them from both a practical and academic setting.

For me, Mike Rice deserved to be fired. As a collegiate baseball player, I understand a coach yelling but once I viewed the video, it was embarrassing that someone like that, is leading these young men. What else concerns me is sometimes in the sports world we think that coaches and outbursts are ok or normal. If Mike rice were to do these things on the street he could be arrested and tried with assault and battery. This needs to end, and I’m glad that it has, for now!

Until Next Time,

Brent Gray