Hello all!

This is my first blog ever and I am so excited that it is with at Canisius for the Differentiated Instruction Program.  I decided to do this blog so hopefully the word gets out about this amazing program.  As a second semester graduate student, I want people to know the amazing things about the program and why it is important to obtain a differentiated instruction degree, no matter what grade level you plan on teaching.

First a little about me: Before coming to Canisius, I attended SUNY Fredonia and got a degree in childhood education with a middle school extension in social studies, giving me the ability to teach grades 1-6 as well as 7-9 respectively.  I just graduated this past May and started at Canisius in the fall.  Right now I am working toward the Differentiated Instruction degree and I am getting an extension in special education as well as early childhood (don’t worry, I will explain all that another time).  The nice thing is, the program is only one year, if you choose to make it that way, so I am going to participate in the required summer camp over and still be able to graduate in May.  As I write in this blog, expect gifs, especially ones that come from two of my favorite TV shows: How I Met Your Mother & New Girl.  Also, if any of my classes show me videos I think will benefit you, I’ll add them here as well!

I hope that as I blog about my time here at Canisius that you will fall in love with the program just as much as I have.  I also hope that as you read this blog, you will become more confident in the program and the future it holds in our education system.  If you ever have any questions that I can help you out with, please email me!


Until next time, check out the video and see What is Differentiated Instruction?  Also, I often see this picture tossed around when talking about D.I.  Let me know what you think of it!equal education

Melissa 🙂