A new year brings about a new semester at Canisius College.  I begin the 2014 academic year as a third year graduate student. My ultimate goal for 2014 is to complete the MBAPA program.  I have a targeted completion date of December this year and look forward to the challenge that lies ahead.  I have my sights set for 2014 on graduating, beginning the CPA exam, and landing a great job during fall on campus recruiting.


With the start of a new year usually comes some reflecting on the previous year.  The MBAPA program challenged me many times over the previous year and pushed me excel in my area of study.  I must say that this past year was one of the most challenging I can recall.   I remember many weeks where I had numerous projects due and exams to take, while juggling all my other responsibilities wondering how am I going to get all this done.  Now that it is in the past, I look back and smile knowing that I survived and achieved great results.  My point is this, as we begin a new academic year give it your all because it goes by quick and will soon be a memory where hopefully you can look back and feel good about all you have accomplished.


The current semester brings about one of the most challenging for MBAPA students as I prepare to conquer courses such as audit and advanced tax among others.  From my past experience, I am focused and prepared to execute with an open mind.  I have reviewed the course outlines and set out my plan for success in the upcoming months.  I am excited to begin the challenge that 2014 brings and know that before I blink another semester will have passed.   I look forward to this time in 2015 and being able to smile while reflecting on how I turned my 2014 goals into achievements.


Best of luck in 2014 to all the Canisius students!