It is that time again! This is the week when all graduate students in the Anthrozoology master’s program meet on campus for the beginning of a new exciting semester. This time we have 21 new stellar students joining the veterans for 4 days of intense meetings to start off the new school year with a well organized work schedule. We are meeting on campus for what is called the “on campus component” (OCC) part of the program. From here we go back home and embark on a busy juggle of work, private lives, and school, all from the comfort of our home states.


The OCC is the part of the program where we forge relationships with our peers, faculty, and we feel the closeness of belonging to a community of scholars focused on common goals. It is also a time when we start thinking about capstones and/or special projects. It is never too early to initiate the conversation with faculty regarding the capstone project; explore your ideas with peers and maybe get new ones from your discussions.

No matter what the workload is during OCC, have a good time and enjoy the beautiful campus.