So week 5 was a bit stressful, I had a bunch of papers due and not very much free time to do so because of working.  I knew summer classes were going to be a lot, but I took on too much with work, I’m just glad I survived and hopefully my grades reflect the amount of work I did put in, along with the 3 all-nighters I pulled just to get all my work done throughout the 5 weeks.

Now it’s Week 1 again, in my final class.  Forever.  I’m done with my program after this class.  It’s strange to me, because I didn’t plan on finishing my Masters this quickly, but because of some scheduling conflicts, I had to do summer.  I’m still hunting for jobs like a mad women, hopefully after I move this week, I can concentrate on that a bit more.

I leave for NYC at 5:32 am on Thursday, I’ve packed very little but that’s on the list for today.  I’m getting excited/nervous, but I’m really pumped to see a bunch of my friends and just get away from Rochester for a bit.  The only bummer is one of my best friends just got back to the area on Saturday night, and now I’m leaving.  But, that’s life right?  I’m excited to see what NYC hold for me, and hopefully being in the city, I can get a few more hits on jobs.  Guess we will have to wait and see.