So I apologize for being a slacker when it comes to updating my blog, I’m going to try to go back and fill you all in, on the last couple weeks, so I will be posting a couple of blogs in a row.  Week 3, summer session is flying by, it’s crazy.  I’m really loving one of my classes, and the other one, the professor is clearly new to this online teaching thing, so they’re a bit disorganized and that sort of bugs me.  I also agreed to work a lot of hours, which is great in terms of money, but doesn’t leave a lot of time left for homework or sleep.

I’m gonna give a plug for a book I just finished reading, it’s called, “The Day I (Almost) Killed Two Gretzkys: And Other Off-the-Wall Stories About Sports…and Life by James Duthie.  I busted through it in 2 days, and it was funny.  I’ve become a big sports book nerd as of late, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Stanley Cup finals are still going on, seems like it’s been going forever!  But I’m ok with that, cause then I get hardcore into baseball again, then it’s hockey season again.  Looking to head to NYC this summer to catch up with my old roommates and see if there’s anything exciting going on in the job scene there.  Hope everyone doing summer classes is staying sane.