Hello everyone!!!

In the words of my boyfriend, I would like to “switch up” the previous topics of my blogs and instead focus on the convenience of online classes. On Friday the 13th, I left Buffalo after work to spend some time in Horseheads, NY (outside of Elmira) with my family for my paternal grandfather’s 90th birthday. With the ease of online classes, I was able to really enjoy myself and spend time with family that I am only able to see at most once or twice a year.

Literally, as long as I have a computer, I can “go to school”. Everything that I need to be successful is there. Fortunately, the hotel that we were staying at had a hotel and free computer access, so I just hopped on there and took care of making a couple of posts for a class. Also, I did not have to worry about making it back for a particular class, so the stress was definitely alleviated and I could enjoy the time with my family.

There are few things more precious than time. The flexibility of being able to attend school and pursue a Master’s degree online is incredible! It gives me the feeling that I control my time and complete assignments and posts on my schedule. Granted, you have to be diligent because you are not forced to go to class, but it gives you a sense of accomplishment that you can complete educational endeavors independently. In essence, isn’t that what going to school allows us to ultimately become: independent?

See you soon….