Annnnnd it’s officially that time of the semester… when every class has approximately 4 assignments due in the same week. After months of being able to keep up with all of my schoolwork and lesson plan writing, I feel completely overwhelmed this week by how much work I need to get done.  I am now at a point where I cannot get ahead, I can only do the assignments that are due the next day.

I do have to say, however, that for as stressed out as I am and for how little time I have to do everything, I have been producing some pretty high quality work! I guess it was all my years as an Undergrad that have taught me how to study well, prioritize my schoolwork, and buckle down to create a great paper/project!

Today, I interviewed two early childhood education professionals, and then needed to summarize our conversations and turn it into my professor.  Though this was a ‘choice assignment’ and I’m sure not everyone in the class chose to do two interviews, I think my conversations with these teachers were one of the most educational moments of this semester for that class.  During our lectures, we talk about developmentally appropriate practices, collaboration with parents, and so on.  But listening to a teacher read this information off of a powerpoint wasn’t nearly as productive as when I got to have an honest and professional conversation with someone who is currently in the field! I thought it was a great assignment to reinforce what we learned in our class, and will make the suggestion that it not be a choice assignment next semester but a required assignment instead. It was the only assignment I have done this week that didn’t stress me out more, and instead made me feel really empowered!