Canisius Alumni ranked first overall among large colleges in New York State on the 2013 CPA exam cycle with a 71% pass rate.  Talk about some positive reinforcement, this is exactly what I wanted to hear as I sat in the library today plugging away on projects.   This semester has been one of my most challenging yet, but as I work through my remaining accounting classes it has become apparent that it’s going to pay off when I begin the CPA exam this summer.  It’s always great to hear that your learnings in school are going to apply in the future, and I have no doubts about that as a Canisius student.


With the experience I have had thus far at Canisius, I can vouch for the fact that the faculty at Canisius has built a tremendous program.  The work assigned keeps students on the cutting edge with the knowledge they need to know.  Clearly, the faculty is dedicated to the program and motivating students to work hard and achieve success.


While I work hard to keep up with my classes, Canisius continues to provide me excellent opportunities to network.  This Friday, there is a MBAA happy hour at the Flying Bison Brewery.  A great opportunity to meet Canisius graduates, professionals in the field, and other current students.  Next week there is a MBAPA career panel, a great opportunity to meet with recent graduates working in the field.  In early April there is an Accounting Information Systems event.  This will be another great chance to discuss accounting and its relation to Information Technology with the experts.  With all the aspects of accounting, it’s a great to know that Canisius is providing me the opportunities to learn about how diverse the field can be.  It’s reassuring to be able to ask questions and make a career decision based on knowledge from discussions with professionals.


In addition to the incredible ranking in regards to the CPA exam rate, Canisius offers so many opportunities to get involved in the profession and hit the field running after graduation.  If you’re thinking about pursuing an Accounting degree, it’s obvious your choice should be Canisius!